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How to Make Money on the Web
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Hello, and Welcome!   Richard Plumer here.   Want a few clues as to how to make MORE money on the web?

What has Google always wanted - and always rewarded people for?   All you need is some great content and a place (or several places) to put it.

So how do you write articles about tons of subjects you may not know or have any experience of?   Answer: You don't have to.   Article Underground has a great bunch of writers, and they can write for you the same way Oprah's writers write tv programs for her.

You can get all your content "virtually" written for you.   I say "virtually" because it is best to put the articles into your own words. It is easy: we all have our own preferences for how we like to say things. I am sure there is an outline for Oprah's show, but Oprah fleshes out the shows by putting her own personality into everything. When we put the "outline" of ideas into our own words, there will be no duplicates on the web. If someone copies you after you put a blurb at an Article Directory blog (those blogs help you get "incoming links" to your site), their copy of your original article will have a later date on it, and be seen as the "copy".

Google's search clients (those who search with Google) like original content, and Google likes to deliver that to them: original, quality content.   Google likes to send lots of visitors to those who provide original, quality content.

In recognition of this, Article Underground limits the number of subscribers allowed to even see its original articles.   All subscribers are advised to "tweak" and adapt the articles to ensure their quality and originality.   That way, all should be able to make a nice income out of using the source articles as a starting point.   Want to know more?   Just click the banner:

How do you pick your subjects?   Well, how does TV pick theirs? Watch any news or information show you like, and make notes of topic after topic they take up every 5 or 10 minutes.   There is always something related to what they have just talked about.   Of course, they always promise to show it "after this": i.e., after their commercial. (Those two words, "after this" must be the most often-spoken words on TV).  

But except for the excessive commercials (which make you want to go read pages on the web), I like stocks and business coverage on CNBC and FOX BUSINESS, as well as local and national news on all sorts of topics.   So if I need some topics for articles, it is easy to outline, or note some title headings of, what they cover on TV.   You can even suggest to your article writers that you would like to see some articles on those topics.   They always appreciate suggestions of what to write about.

The writers of Article Underground do lots of research to discover the key words that companies pay lots of money to advertise on, and they write articles around those words for you to use on your pages.   Google puts their contextual Adsense ads on those pages to catch the attention of visitors to your articles, and if they click on the ads, you the "free-to-register" Google Adsense publisher earn your pay.

How do you get your articles into a page? You can either use your own web site, or you can put your articles at a site like At, once you are satisfied with the Free page you have experimented with and got into the shape you want, you can Activate your page to have it appear in the Index and get your Clickbank Nickname and Google Adsense Publishers code in the page.  

Again, once you Activate your page, you can put your Google's Adsense "publishers" code in it, and your Free Clickbank Nickname in it, so that when the page appears for the visitor, the Google Adsense Ads get your Google Adsense Publishers code put in them (just click View Source and search on a few unique characters of your "pub-" code to show it in the ad), and the Clickbank Affiliate product offers in the page get your Clickname Nickname in them, for potential profit to you whenever a visitor buys an Affiliate product they find advertised there.

Every Activated page is thus an Affiliate business with lots of Affiliate offers built right into it.   If you have nice articles about a variety of subjects on your pages for Google to refer people to, that traffic could end up clicking on, and in some cases buying from "your" Affiliate ads and offers. With Affiliate products often carrying a 40-75% commission for Affiliates, how many pages with good articles in them do you want to get Activated - with your links in them?

As in all business, of course, there is no guarantee of any income, or of any particular level of income to come from your efforts at supplying what visitors may want to read on the web.   But isn't it worth a try?   You can start off for FREE, to see how it is to work with putting up pages at the site. makes it easy to publish your pages of good content to attract Google to send visitors, and you don't even have to set up your own web site.   Thus you can use the articles of the great writers of Article Underground without even doing any programming.  

As a matter of fact, even if you have a domain for a web site or for storing your images to give you easy access to them, it still might be a good idea to use to activate a few pages, because it never hurts to have different versions of your articles out on the web at other sites than your own, linking back to your own site - not to forget about the fact that automatically includes so many Affiliate opportunities and Google Adsense ads in your pages for your potential profit.  

I hope this article gives you some ideas to pursue - that you find a lot of uses for this information.   Why not get starting trying out the FREE pages at (maybe get started seeing how easy it is to arrange the articles from Article Underground in the Word Processing-style pages there), and send me a note from the Contact Me link below to let me know how things are going for you as you get into it?

As Article Underground can point out and explain very simply, a little work done in a couple of hours each day can build up a lot of content on the web in a little while - a lot of content that can start to build you up a nice big extra income.  

Good publishing!

All the best,




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